28 July 2014

Kronjyden Nissen "Relief"

I picked up some pieces of dinnerware from the iconic mid-century Danish, Jens Quistgaard "Relief" design from Kronjyden Nissen (later continued by Bing & Grondahl) last week at auction.

I've seen the plates and bowls with their lovely olive green centres, but never had any myself previously. The green is such a lovely hue.

I'm curious about the green glaze though. In these particular pieces, and about 50% of those I can find in photos on the net -  there is what looks like etched watermarking or patination into the surface of the glaze, but it is still perfectly smooth and not damaged- which makes me think that it is just a glaze characteristic perhaps?  Does anyone who is more familiar with this design know if the watermark pattern is an original glaze characteristic?... or simply caused from usage. You can see what I mean in the first 2 photos.

The bowl has such a fantastic side profile and solidity about it. It is also a relatively heavy form for its size.

I presume this shape is a soup cup or ramekin

This is a largish form - a serving dish or tureen of some description - It may have originally had a lid - but I haven't seen
this shape anywhere else previously.

26 July 2014

Auction Watch 124

I am still unpacking and sorting out my purchases of a few large dinner sets from last week, so I wont be buying anything this week ....well at this stage anyway!

Here though are some of the pieces that I spotted coming up in 2 auctions here this week.

Susie Cooper black fruits coffee cans  
This is simply breathtaking. A very rare experimental Royal Worcester ewer
 in Persian style c 1882 , valued at $3,000 - $4,000
An adorable Grace Seacombe Koala $$$

More Koala cuteness......Rare Royal Worcester group "Billy Bluegum" no. 3273

Kilncraft Bacchus dinnerware

Australian made pudding and mixing bowls c 1950s - great colours....and polka dots!

A HUGE Royal Copenhagen "Quaking Grass" dinner set - this is only part of it!

Gloriously Retro Wallpaper - original, vinyl paper from the 1970s, most still in original packing.

2x Soholm Stoneware Lamps
And finally something completely new to me....A.T.L.A.N (USA) Arts Group decorated Satsuma bowl
by Gertrude Gortner Armstrong, Feburary 1918. Exhibition piece Art Institute Chicago 1918

24 July 2014

J. Ruth // Ruth Faktorowicz

I found two charming ceramic plaques at auction earlier this week. I'm always attracted to ceramic plaques, and these have such lovely glaze colours as well a strong Modernist look... which is what first drew my eye to them.

They are by Israeli ceramicist Ruth Faktorowicz, who signs her work J. Ruth.  She was born in 1937, and studied under Israeli ceramicist Zohar Guri, who's Modernist style clearly influenced Ruth's style. Ruth also studied at the Ramat-Gan Art School 1973-1975.

J. Ruth's work often depicts themes of peace, family and friendship, and also the townscapes of Israel. You can see more of here work on this U.S. based gallery site.


22 July 2014

Midwinter Stonehenge Moon

I picked up a lovely large part setting of Midwinter's Stonehenge "Moon" design this week at auction. I have only had the odd piece of this previously, and its great to see all the different pieces together, as it always is with iconic dinnerware settings.

"Moon", along with "Creation" (white), "Sun" (yellow), and "Earth" (brown) are the most common Stonehenge series designs we find here, and they were sold in quite large quantities in  the 1970s and 1980s. In total though there were over 50 designs in the Stonehenge range because it was just so popular.

The Stonehenge shape is typified by its studio like geometric forms, bold curved handles and the very tactile rounded lids and knobs. For me these designs and colour typify the "back to nature" design ethos of 1970s as much as does Arabia's Ruska.

Not all of the Stonehenge designs use the iron flecked glaze with iron saturated edges - but the Creation range (Sun, Moon, Earth etc.) all did and they were designed to mix and match - this makes looking for replacements so much easier 40 years later :)

Midwinter Stonehenge "Moon" - sugar bowl

Midwinter Stonehenge "Moon" Milk Jug

Midwinter Stonehenge "Moon" Salt and Pepper

Midwinter Stonehenge "Moon" Sauce boat

Midwinter Stonehenge "Moon" Soup Bowl or Ramekin

Larger than it looks in the photo - Midwinter Stonehenge "Moon" Casserole

Midwinter Stonehenge "Moon" Plate

Midwinter Stonehenge "Moon" - generously sized cup and saucer

Midwinter Stonehenge "Moon" - The iron flecks in the glaze, and iron
saturated rims really make the Stonehenge design unique.

20 July 2014

Auction Watch 123

Some great vintage items coming up at auctions this week, including quite a few very popular vintage dinnerware designs....but I think my favourite is the adorable Bolling Danish Duck!

Bolling, Denmark, Teak Duck
Fantastic graphics and colours on this Chinese enamel sign  

Midwinter Stonehenge Moon & Creation - some great pieces amongst this lot.

Arabia Finland Anemone Blue - coffee set.

Arabia Ruska, plus some fire-proof ovals I haven't come across previously.

Royal Copenhagen, Beth Breyen design salt cellar.

A highly coveted TG Green Cornish ware rolling pin

4 Knud Khyn Bears

Oh wow....Midwinter Domino, Red.....only the second time I have come across
a whole dinner set in this design.
A simple and elegant Arzberg setting.

19 July 2014

Lehmann Denmark, Red Bowl

Another lovely piece of Danish Studio Pottery, which I came across last week...by Lehmann of Denmark.

The glaze on this bowl is just wonderful and has such a beautiful cellular like pattern which seems to have formed accidentally in the deep crimson red glaze. Lehman was located on the island of Langeland, but not much else is known about them. I find pieces from this pottery instantly recognisable and unique in style. This simple bowl form seems to have been one of their more popular shapes, and was made in several different sizes.

The pottery is often stamped with a tiny impressed LEHMANN stamp on the base, and sometimes you will find a piece with an original triangular sticker if lucky.

If you have followed this blog for a while you might also remember this very similar piece from the Lehmann pottery which I've shown previously.