18 December 2014

Bay Keramik 86-45

Isnt this pattern glorious! ...and so 1960s.

It is a huge West German vase I picked up at auction a few weeks ago. It is from Bay Keramik number 86-45 - A huge floor vase.

The vibrant blue and green/aqua colour scheme was one often used by Bay, but I haven't found a name for the design as yet. There is as a Middle Eastern "I Dream of Genie" feel to it I think :)

Taken with iPhone6 - the camera on this iPhone has good resolution, but I noticed it always throws a bit of a strange colour cast when used indoors - although in this case it hasn't detracted from the colours of the vase. 

16 December 2014

Crown Clarence Agincourt Design

I came across this interesting design last week at an auction, bundled along with some lovely Hornsea "Saffron" pottery which I was bidding on.

The simple but catching design with it's Celtic cross is stamped to the base "Agincourt", Jon Anton. The crown on the backstamp of these pieces is the makers mark for "Crown Clarence". Research tells me that this was one of the brands produced by "The Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd", Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. This pottery produced a number of brands including "Windsor" and "Crown Clarence".

This design is attributed to the 1960s, and came in a dark green and dark blue variation as well. It is slip cast pottery, and quite light weight. As you can see the relief design of the cross stands out more on some pieces better than others. Love the shape of the lidded sugar bowl!

13 December 2014

Auction Watch 144

Second to last auction watch for 2014....I wont be purchasing anything this week, but here are some pieces that would interest me If I was buying....

T G Green Cornishware

Arabia Finland Teapot

Above - 2 fantastic looking pieces of Sklo Union 1960s Glass.

This Maling (UK) plate has a real charm to it.

...more T G Green, this time the "Gold" colour version of Cornishware

Great retro design on the left here  - Thomas Germany

Noritake Progression

oooh loooook! A Rorstrand Picknick Tureen!

2 pieces of the iconic Dansk Kobenstyle enamelware.

08 December 2014

Tuscan Fine China - Yellow Poppy Tea Set

One of the loveliest traditional style tea sets I've seen in ages, and which I was lucky enough to pick up at auction yesterday. It's a bit hard to date, but it has that 1930s feel to the design and a backstamp which was used between 1947-1967.

It was made by Tuscan Fine China (UK 1878-1967) and the pattern and decoration is just exquisite. The quality of the hand painting on the yellow (Poppy?) flower is quite extraordinary, with a real glow to it.  The design complements beautifully the gold trim and grey background pattern. The bright white of the bone china really sets the whole design off too.

The pattern no. is c5437 - but I have been unable to find any reference to it.

07 December 2014

Auction Watch 143

Here we go with a few of my picks from 2 local auctions coming up this week. There have been so many fantastic West German pottery pieces recently ...and more again this week..... Just look at the amazing texture on the first piece pictured !

Only 2 Auctions to go until it is all over for this year, followed by a 3-4 week break for most Auction houses.

Another FAB looking West German floor vase 

A Whitefriars vase plus another not identified.

A great looking old electric jug - local maker

3 x West German

An interesting piece of  Art Deco Falcon Ware (UK)
Great design on this 1930s Royal Doulton piece.
Looks like a piece of Czech Ditmar Urbach at the back here...

An attractive piece of Poole

A cute little Figgjo Lotte Teapot

Such a fantastic pattern - this one is by Ridgway (UK) 1960s

A local modernist piece with Aboriginal motifs

05 December 2014

Langley Mill Pottery - Striped Jugs

I came across a set of 3 attractive stoneware jugs from Langley (Mill) pottery U.K. recently. I don't come across much Langley pottery here, but it has a fascinating and long history which you can read in a well written entry on Wikipedia HERE .

It was established in 1865 and closed in 1982, going through five distinct periods of ownership. Langley produced a wide range of stoneware items including art pottery, utilitarian ware and dinnerware.

It was owned by Denby pottery from 1959 until its closure, (its name changed from Langley Pottery Ltd. to Denby in 1967) . You may remember from previous posts that Gill Pemberton amongst other Denby designers worked there for a time. Gill's wonderful "Mayflower" design is from that period.

The jugs here appear to be made somewhere between the 1930s and 1950s going by their pink and lime green colour scheme.

There isn't any relationship between Bendigo Pottery (Australia) "Langley" series of pottery and Langley Pottery from the UK.  The Langley series made by Bendigo Pottery was a red brown stoneware series released in 1915, and was hugely popular for 30+ years....the most recognisable pieces probably being the reddish brown stoneware jugs you can still easily find today.