01 October 2015

Trifa Norway

I have had this piece for some time, but anything about its maker remains a mystery. It has a label "Handmade in Norway, a/s Trifa", a producer for which I can not find any information.

There are usually several items by Trifa for sale online, and they appear to be from the 1950s-1970s - some with Viking themes, and some simply decorated pieces like this one which has similar qualities to West German and Italian pieces of the same era.

Is anyone familiar with where and when this company operated?

29 September 2015

Denby Potters Wheel, Lidded Jar

I found a fantastic lidded jar from Denby's "Potter's Wheel" recently. The Potters Wheel dinner ware design remains a very popular Denby design. It was produced from 1973 to the mid 1980s - a design by David Yorath.

These hand made pieces compliment the Dinner Ware from this series, but also as stand-alone designs. I love the colours, glazes and texture of these pieces, but rarely come across them now - to me they represent some of the best of 1970s design.

The original Denby Ad for the Potters Wheel "giftware" range. 
...And below some other variations from the Potters Wheel range I have:

27 September 2015

Auction Watch 166

As you might have gathered if reading this site regularly, this year it has been much harder to find items worth considering at public auctions each week here.....hence the lack of regularity with "auction watch" on this site......there were a few more this week than there have been over the past few weeks however:

A very brightly coloured and popular currently "lady head" vase

A great looking, large Bjorn Wiinblad studio piece...such
a pity it is really badly damaged though. 
Royal Copenhagen Landscape Vase 

An interesting mixture of retro pottery. 
A gorgeous enamelled mid-century plaque by Australian
Bernard Hesling. 
A great mixture of Italian and West German pieces. 

I thought from the distance that this was a Denby tea set - turns out it is from Soholm Denmark

24 September 2015

Royal Copenhagen, 1960s Bird Motifs in Blue

Bird designs and motifs were a big thing in the mid 20th century ceramics......and some of the best bird motif designs came from Royal Copenhagen//Aluminia, Denmark during the Nils Thorsson directed Baca and Tenera period of designs in the 1960s.

Many of the designs featured blue colour schemes, and these blue designs seem to have been hugely popular going by the amount produced.

The first two images are of Fajance items featuring bird motifs I have recently listed on eBay. The salt box in the first image is the design I come across most frequently out of all the ones produced.

Use the index on the left hand side to read more about Royal Copenhagen Tenera, Baca, Nils etc......and see more of the fantastic designs from this period.

Beth Breyen Salt Box with her "crazy bird" motif (my words - the design is no. 132). On eBay today. 

Nils Thorsson Bird Dish - Design no. 708 - On eBay today. 

And below are some other designs featuring more of these gorgeous blue themed birds I have or have had previously.

Beth Breyen, Large "Crazy Birds" Stoneware Plaque (Design no. 162) 

Inge Lisse Koefoed - Design no.403 on Figurine 2989

Marianne Johnson, Design no. 143

Marianne Johnson, Lid of a box, Design no. 133

Beth Breyen Design no. 128 on a trivet/plate

22 September 2015

Maria Philippi Soholm Bowl 3184-2

Its odd how things occur in groups. Until this year I had not seen this concentric oval motif Maria Philippi design, but this now makes the 3rd variation I have come across this year.

On this shape (3184) the glaze used is the deep cobalt blue which Soholm did so well, and in this case on a nicely textured clay with the grain showing through. This blue glaze is the one that lightens where it is thicker, creating an interesting lift to the design.

I have just listed it on eBay for those interested in purchasing.

 ...and just out interest, here is the same form (3184) with the same glaze with a design by Einar Johansen. The clay is a bit smoother on this example and the edge is also glazed unlike the one above.

20 September 2015

Michael Andersen Denmark - Small Bowl

I've just listed on eBay this beautifully hand thrown stoneware bowl by Michael Andersen Denmark I found last week. It is a small piece, and such a lovely shape to hold.

The semi matte glaze has such a superb mix of blue and aqua colours.  I love the way the glaze thickens and almost starts to drip around the bottom edge. It doesn't have a makers initial - just the MAS Herring logo, and Bornholm stamped to the bottom. Probably late 1960s - early 1970s.