29 August 2015

Auction Watch 164

Im hoping with the coming of spring there might be a bit more to choose from at the public auctions here. Both quantity and quality has been scarce this year - but here are a few items I managed to spot coming up this week.

2 very smart looking West German pieces. 

An impressive Poole Pottery dish 

A set of Ridgway Homemaker Trios - these always
go for a high price. 

Some very smart looking Retro Glass. 

A very large Scheurich West German Vase 

An interesting group of 3 West German pieces - the one on the left has a fantastic glaze.
The large one in the centre Ive never come across previously. 

An adorable vintage French articulated wooden toy dog. 

A very large Limoges Dinner set. What a great buy this would make for anyone setting up house,
or looking for a large, high quality dinner set at a good price. 

22 August 2015

Fratelli Fanciullacci Vase

I found this very 1970s looking Italian Fratelli Fanciullacci piece 2 weeks ago...it is the second piece I have had with this design. The term I would used to describe it would be "Brutalist meets Disco" :)

It has some lovely attention to detail - like the colour runs in the glaze on the loops around the belly, the contrast between the matt brown brushwork and the high gloss areas, down to the way the handle is joined to the body.

Below is the other piece I have had in this design: 

17 August 2015

A Bitossi Beauty

I found this impressive architectural looking piece of vintage ceramics last week at auction. It is a piece by Bitossi, Italy.  I haven't come across the design previously, but it has been authenticated as a Bitossi piece.

The smooth matt putty coloured glaze is dimpled with moon like craters, and the coloured bands on the wide rim at the top really add to the aesthetic of the piece.

I would say that it is a design from the 1960s going by the paper label on the base and the overall design. Quite a feature or display piece also at about 23cm x 24cm and just over 4kg in weight.

15 August 2015

BR Denmark, Amazonas Coffee Set

A few weeks ago I had a very good find. A complete coffee set by BR Keramik Denmark, in the very coveted "Amazonas" design.

The Amazonas design has a sophisticated and contemporary, yet rustic charm about it which immediately captures the viewers attention. I think the design also has many similarities with  the style of Australian Studio Pottery also from the 1950s and 1960s - like that by Reg Preston, and Alan Lowe for example.

The pieces are so lovely to hold. It's also great that the cane handle is intact - as so many from this era have deterioration.

09 August 2015

Thomas Germany, Eclipse

There hasn't been much at all in the way of interesting auction items recently, hence no "auction watch" for the past 2 weeks - however recently I was lucky enough to get at auction several pieces of the very smart modernist op-art design "Eclipse", made by Thomas of Germany c1970s.

This very crisp design was created by H.T. Baumann & Barbara Brenner for Thomas/Rosenthal.

Barbara Brenner worked for Rosenthal from 1960 to ? with her "Scenario Metropol" and its strong "Memphis" style patterns, being her signature design.

Eclipse was one of several designs at Thomas during this era which had these typically white ground minimalist designs decorated with very bold and striking "op-art" patterns - and by the look of the design I presume by the same designers.

The following background on H. T. Baumann was kindly sent to me by Christine in the U.K. :

Hans Theo Baumann (b. 1924 in Basel, Switzerland). He trained in Textile Engineering in Switzerland and obtained a degree at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts (1943-46), “Teddy” Baumann went to Basel where he studied Graphic Design and Interior Design at the Gewerbeschule/ Schule für Gestaltung.
 In 1953 he spent some time working with Egon Eiermann in Pforzheim, before opening his own studio in 1955.  He was one of the co-founders of the Association of German Industrial Designers (VDID) in 1959. He also  worked jointly with the architect Egon Eiermann, whose buildings came to epitomise the young German Federal Republic.
Baumann joined Philipp Rosenthal in 1954 and worked at the Rosenthal factory into the 1970s as a freelance designer. In 1969 he was appointed to the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India, and in 1985 he became a professor at the Berlin University of the Arts.
His prize-winning designs were a strong influence on the German design scene. His work is typified by clear-cut, timeless shapes, with high functionality.  In addition to Rosenthal and Thomas, he produced designs for Arzberg, Schönwald, Hutschenreuther and KPM Berlin and Fukagawa Japan amongst others. 

26 July 2015

Maria Philippi Soholm Bowl 3368

Following on from the post 2 weeks ago on the studio work of Maria Philippi, I came across a lovely bowl from Soholm designed by Maria recently. Numbered 3368, it is a design I haven't seen previously, and one I cant find many examples of doing an internet search.

I love the blue glaze with its mottled appearance and colour runs. It reminds me a bit of faded denim.

The use of the motif around the inside edge of the bowl combined with the concentric rings spiralling towards the centre makes for a very modernist looking piece, but with all the tactile and aesthetic qualities of a piece of handmade pottery.