26 March 2015

West German Pottery Art

I recently learned about the British Artist Joseph Lilley in a post on Mark Hill's, UK site. Its quite a while since I have posted about an Artist using vintage pottery as an inspiration - and in a series of prints of West German pottery Joseph Lilley has nailed the mood, feel, colours and textures of this iconic style of pottery.

Joseph used a Risograph machine to produce a series of 18 A3 prints which were presented in an exhibition at the Showcase Gallery (Birmingham, UK) February 2015. Each print is a 7-colour print, with editions of 20 per print.  You can read more on Joseph Lilley's site here.

The use of a Risograph gives the prints a part photocopier and part digital screen print feel which has a real resonance with the West German lava style. If you aren't familiar with the Risograph machine- you can read more about it on Wikipedia here

West German Pottery Risograph Print
 Copyright Joseph Lilley

West German Pottery Risograph Print
Copyright Joseph Lilley

West German Pottery Risograph Print
Copyright Joseph Lilley

West German Pottery Risograph Print
Copyright Joseph Lilley

21 March 2015

Auction Watch 154

This week is looking better for potential buys of interesting pieces than the past few weeks have proved to be....Here are some of the things that have caught my eye at 2 auctions here.
A lovely looking Italian lamp base - not sure of the maker

Such a great pattern on this Trentham (UK) hand painted,
hand carved decoration, 1930s Jug
A Barsony (Australia) 1950s Lamp Base
An very interesting group lot. The lamp base on the R is Lovemose - a stunning looking, quite large
piece in real life - it is only the second time I have seen a lamp base
from this popular Danish pottery...re-wiring is a costly exercise however.

A set of lime green Pyrex!

Below, just a part of a huge amount of Carlton Ware Lobster design pieces coming up. I've been fascinated by this kitsch 1950s design since I was a child when it was always kept in the "china cabinet", but never used. It is the first time I have seen salt and peppers in the design....Love the curried egg dish too:).  The salad servers are pretty rare of course, as they were one of the first items to get broken.



18 March 2015

Denby Burlington

I have had a set of 3 very stylish Denby Burlington planters for quite some time now, and finally managed to put them to use with some indoor plants.

The design was by Denby Icon Albert Colledge in 1958-59, when Albert was 68 years of age and had worked at Denby for 55 years.

It was very contemporary design then, and I think it looks just as contemporary now.

Originally the design was glazed in a satin matt black and decorated with white, vertical broken lines. Soon after there was a turquoise blue variation and this variation of soft multi-coloured pastels with black, broken lines ...which is my favourite. I've also seen a green only variation.

The forms in this series have such beautiful lines and proportions - and consisted of a variety of vessels including vases, bowls, planters, lidded jugs, coffee pots, coffee mugs and cruets.

Below are examples of the original black and white design, and the turquoise design, both of which I found on Etsy at Mid-Century Home Stores


15 March 2015

Auction Watch 153

Well there is only slightly more good quality vintage items to choose from this week than last week, when there was absolutely nothing of interest!.... but here is what has captured my attention from 2 online catalogues for auctions here in Adelaide, coming up this week.

A Grace Seacombe (Australian early 20th C) Koala
I like these old style water or drink jugs - especially when they still have the
glass stirrer intact.
3 Beswick wall seagulls - If I had to have flying birds on the wall, I think I would prefer
these over ducks :) The colours and glaze quality are fantastic.

Arabia Kaarna Teapot

Denby group - Flair and Greenwheat designs - rarely see the Denby Flair design for sale.

This German setting is such a fantastic deep orange colour, which doesn't show up as well in
this photograph. I like the shapes too.
One of a group of lovely old Bushells tea tins - quite large
in size with fantastic colours still.

08 March 2015

Etsy Watch no. 2 - Fratelli Fanciullacci

Well there is absolutely nothing worth even a passing mention for auction here in Adelaide this week, so instead I've been looking on Etsy and have noticed amongst other things, the increasing popularity and availability of  vintage Italian maker Fratelli Fnciullacci -  which I posted a brief history of some time ago here .  As I write this post, there are 49 fantastic pieces of FF listed for sale on Etsy.

It can be hard to identify when you first start looking at this maker, as it is usually unmarked except for some numbers, sometimes you will get an FF mark -  but there are often used glazes, textures, motifs and colours - and you start to get a feel for the style pretty quickly. If you are seriously into vintage Italian Pottery, Mark Hill's book "Alla Moda" is an essential reference, and often helps me in identifying Italian makers.

I think FF would have to be one of the most stylish and impressive of all the Italian vintage makers - just check out some of these stunning pieces I found currently listed for sale on Etsy! - link under each photo.

Fratelli vase on Etsy at Retro Minded

Fratelli vase on Etsy at Chateau Chicago

Fratelli vase on Etsy at 1001 Vintage

Fratelli vase on Etsy at  independencevintage

Fratelli vase on Etsy at Coolect

Fratelli vase on Etsy at Coolect

Fratelli vase on Etsy at Retro Minded

02 March 2015

Apollo 11 , The Vase - The Story Continues

Way back in July 2011, I posted about a spectacular large blue vase with "Apollo 11" stamped underneath. I couldn't find anything out about it until after several comments it was identified by the fantastic Retro Mojo site as being produced by Royal Norfolk (UK).

Apollo 11 Vase, Royal Norfolk 1960s.

Over time, in my experience, all mysteries to do with vintage ceramics are resolved. Late last year Steve and Donna from Retro Mojo put together a post about the Apollo series forms HERE - and below is a summary of the information they put together on this series.

  • Royal Norfolk Pottery Company in the late 1960’s produced a range of vases to commemorate Apollo missions 8 though 11.

  • It seems that there were four vases released  - One shape per mission, and there were four colours – acid orange, dark blue, white and lastly green.  A black has also been found (in Apollo 11 at least)

  • The Apollo 8 vase was a basic short cylinder, measuring 190 mm tall.
  • The Apollo 9 vase a fantastic modernist form measuring 255-260 mm tall.
  • Apollo 10 is the big cylinder measuring 295 mm tall and 110 mm across.
  • The Apollo 11 version, measures 300 mm tall and being an almost inverted version of the Apollo 9.

My personal favourites are Apollo 9 and 11. The acid orange is a spectacular colour, but the deep blue is equally impressive.
What I also love is the way the textured ripples on the surface remind me of the Apollo rockets on take off when you had all the gasses rippling down the sides of the rocket.
The design of this series really nailed it I think....all we need to find out now is who designed it!  

Apollo 9 Vase, for sale at Retro Mojo.

Acid Orange Apollo 10 Vase

Apollo 8 Vase, for sale at Retro Mojo (as at March 2015)

( The Royal Norfolk Pottery Company, established in 1958, were called such because they worked out of Norfolk Street in Shelton, Staffordshire, nothing to do with Norfolk :)