26 July 2015

Maria Philippi Soholm Bowl 3368

Following on from the post 2 weeks ago on the studio work of Maria Philippi, I came across a lovely bowl from Soholm designed by Maria recently. Numbered 3368, it is a design I haven't seen previously, and one I cant find many examples of doing an internet search.

I love the blue glaze with its mottled appearance and colour runs. It reminds me a bit of faded denim.

The use of the motif around the inside edge of the bowl combined with the concentric rings spiralling towards the centre makes for a very modernist looking piece, but with all the tactile and aesthetic qualities of a piece of handmade pottery.

25 July 2015

Auction Watch 163

After a bit of an auction "drought" in the past few weeks, this week there are at last some interesting vintage ceramics and glass to choose from. Here are some items that caught my attention at 2 auctions:

T G Green Cornishware, Judith Onions re-design

A Beswick lustre ware jug with palm tree

Bristol Blue Glass Gilt Decoration
 Magnesia, ex Rex Birks Chemist Adelaide
A very smart and elegant "Midnight Jet" Kosta Boda Vase
Portmeirion "Magic City" - large casserole - what a stunning looking piece.

I like the glaze runs on this Remued (Australia 1930s) piece.  

It is a bit hard to pick out in the catalogue photo - but the hand painted floral design
on this Bing and Grondahl dinner set is so lovely.

Thomas Germany - love this retro design!

Arabia Finland coupe bowls, with traditional design

Part Bing and Grondahl "Seagull" dinner set

Royal Grafton 'Madison' pattern Cup & Saucer duos - very groovy

Interesting looking studio pottery, from Bulgaria apparently.

18 July 2015

Hungarian Ceramics

A few months ago I did a post on the "Forma Hungarica" exhibition being held in the U.K. in May-June. A short video has just been published of this fascinating exhibition, which gives us a better idea of the scale and size of many of the pieces from the collection. Have a look at it below.

"The exhibition, which was on display 2 May – 20 June 2015 at the King’s Lynn Arts Centre, featured over 400 ceramics and 100 paintings, from the largest private collection of post-war Hungarian ceramics, owned by Dr Graham Cooley, a well-known collector of 20th century design. .......
It was also the first time the work of two of the most prominent figures of the era, Géza Gorka (the great establishment figure) and Lívia Gorka (his rebellious daughter) had been displayed in a special exhibition in the UK"
Also, read more on the Kings Lynn Arts Centre website HERE .  I would love to get my hands on the book that accompanied this exhibition - if I find out if and where it is available, I will add the information to this post.

15 July 2015

Maria Philippi

Many of us know the work and designs of Maria Philippi from her time at Soholm Pottery, Bornholm, Denmark - few know however that this was just a brief period in her career as an accomplished studio potter and designer. She worked at Soholm from 1962 - 1964, but her designs continued to be produced there into the 1970s.

Dr. Walter Lokau in Germany kindly provided me with some images of Maria's studio pottery from his private collection of which these are just some, plus the brief bio. below.

Born 10 September 1927 Hamburg, Died 3rd February 2004 Bad Krozingen
1951-1954 Potter`s apprenticeship with Monika Maetzel in Hamburg
1955-1956 Worked at workshops in Juist and Hamburg
1957-1959 Studied at the Staatl. Werkschule für Keramik in Höhr-Grenzhausen with
Hubert Griemert, master craftsman’s certificate
Worked at the workshop of Otto, Albrecht & Görge Hohlt in Katzbach
1960-1962 Worked as a teacher at the Keramik-Fachschule in Stoob/Austria
1962-1964 Worked as a designer at Soholm AS Bornholm/Denmark
1964-1998 Own workshop at Merzhausen near Freiburg in the Southwest of Germany
The wheel thrown forms below which Maria created are so beautifully elegant and sophisticated, and the glazes I think are simply breathtaking. What an amazing talent.

All photographs Copyright, Dr. Walter Lokau:

Maria Philippi, Stoneware c1964

Maria Philippi, Stoneware c1970

Maria Philippi, Stoneware c1978

Maria Philippi, Porcelain 1994-5

Maria Philippi, Stoneware 1990

Maria Philippi, Porcelain, 1980

Maria Philippi, Porcelain c1990

Maria Philippi, Porcelain c2000

Maria Philippi taken in her studio 1995.

11 July 2015

Søholm Relief Plaque 3574-2

A recent find....from a series of plaques by Soholm pottery which are all numbered 3574. This is no. 3574-2 - and I came across 2 of them at the same time :), although not designed as a pair I think they look great together.

From what I can find there were 7 designs in this series - I have had the butterfly design (3574-1) before, but this is the first time I have come across another from the series. They are quite heavy pieces about 2cm thick and 17cm square.

They are characterised by bold, simplified carved relief designs, and the use of bright colour  - often featuring orange and an area of clear glaze - contrasting with the unglazed texture of the clay.

As a reference...the one below is the "butterfly" plaque from this series 3574-1

07 July 2015

Arabia Finland - Mahonki Bowl

I've had this piece for quite a while, and have just got around to photographing it. It is Arabia Finland obviously, and from the Mahonki series (thanks Gabriele !) by Ulla Procopé ....I have had several Mahonki teapots - but didn't realised this was from the same series until it was pointed out to me.