24 November 2014

Art Deco Glass Dishes

I picked up these 2 striking Art Deco era pressed glass dishes at auction yesterday. The first very architectural looking piece has strong Art Deco characteristics, and the sapphire blue makes it such an impressive piece of glassware.

The second, pink one, has a softer form - but still has those characteristic Art Deco lines and shapes.

22 November 2014

Auction Watch 140

A really interesting variety of finds this week, from 2 auction catalogues here in Adelaide.

Fantastic colour runs on these 2 West German Vases.

This is an iconic New Zealand design called "Monterey"
from Crown Lynn by Dorothy Thorpe, featuring these
unique bulbous handles and very organic forms.
Pity one of the 2 pieces has a crack :(

A Wembley Ware TV Lamp! How amazing would
this look lit up on a shelf, light glowing from its mouth.

Sklo Union glassware

Italian Glass display vase

Portmeirion Totem 1960s

Johnson Bros. Fish plate series

Mikasa "Bitter Sweet"
Some groovy looking Lord Nelson casseroles - similar in design to Totem above which
influenced a lot of other designs.
I'm not sure of the maker here, but I think Australian. What a great looking piece.

Some lovely looking Vitorian era Imari Ware

19 November 2014

2 x 1950s Yellow West Germans

Another 2 lovely little West German pieces I picked up recently.

The first is from Schlossberg Keramik which operated from 1946-1975 in the town of Langenaubach and operated by Theodore and Ilse Stephan.  Its the first piece I have ever come across from this maker.


The second is from Marzi & Remi, who are probably better known for their salt glazed wares - particularly beer steins. (It is not quite such a bright yellow - Google Blogger has had very poor colour rendering for some time)

15 November 2014

Auction Watch 139

Here are some of the interesting pieces coming up for auction this week, which grabbed my attention when browsing through the online catalogues. There has been a lot more interesting West German pottery popping up this year you might have noticed too!

Great pattern on this group of Villeroy & Bock

Elegant and very retro looking Italian Glassware

A Bitossi Jug, and West German Vase

Melita underplates with a fantastic deep
blue floral pattern

A striking Moorcroft vase - signed by
William Moorcroft himself

I haven't seen any of this for ages - Arabia Ali Blue

A group of Poole pottery pieces

3 x very glam, very elegant looking West German jugs or vases

Finnel enamel pot

One of 3 Owl Parliaments ...some cuties amongst them.

13 November 2014

Elegant Ribbed West German Vase

This very elegant West German piece was one in a small group I picked up at auction 2 weeks ago. At first I though it was Bay, but turns out to be a well known shape by makers Dumler & Breiden.

The simple ribbed design (340-30), combined with the elegant form and striking vermillion and brown hues all combine to make such an impressive looking piece of pottery.

11 November 2014

Midwinter Riviera - Hugh Casson

Last week I was very fortunate to come across 2 lone bowls in the now very hard to find, and very collectable Midwinter "Riviera" design. Such an iconic and important British mid-century design.

This design was based on sketches of French scenes by Hugh Casson commissioned by Midwinter c1954. Jessie Tait worked on the sketches to fit them on to the various shapes and sizes. It was such a popular design it was in production right into the 1970s. The design can be found on shapes in the Stylecraft, Classic, and Fashion ranges. The original base glaze was a cream/honey colour, and later series had a white base.

Seven (documented) drawings were used in "Riviera"- A café scene, Flower seller, Barrels in an archway, Harbour with Café, Mountain scene, Horse & cart, and view of a bay over rooftops.

If you want to read more about the immensely talented Sir Hugh Casson, there is a comprehensive website HERE

From the V&A Collections HERE
And a Vinegar Bottle, again from the V&A Collection