07 February 2016

Staffordshire 1970s Trios

I found some more fantastically patterned Staffordshire trios recently. Both designs I have had previously, but I love the crispness and boldness of the designs on all of the patterns Staffordshire produced in this era. The variations also seem countless.

One group of trios in the most intense and bright deep blue, and the other in a gelati orange.

These items, made by Staffordshire Potteries in the 1960s and 1970s have maintained their popularity to this day. They were made in the millions, from good quality china - but I have noticed only in the past year or so that getting hold of them is becoming a bit more difficult.

I have put up some of them up on eBay and etsy if you are interested in having a look.

23 January 2016

Figgjo Lotte Jars

Another Figgjo "Lotte" form I haven't come across until I found this shape recently.

It is a lidded box - and I am guessing this shape was designed for jam or conserve - or perhaps a canister for a dry food, measuring approximately 10cm cubed. It has the same design on each of the four sides, and a floral wreath on the top of the lid. There were 2 of these in an auction lot and both are in pristine condition - so whatever the intended use, they appear not to have been used.

These days of course, it would be probably more appropriate to use as a eye catching display piece or a storage container on a cupboard or shelf.

18 January 2016

Soholm , Design no. 3620

Well made, small pieces of pottery have a character and presence all of their own. This little piece measures only 8 x 9cm and was made by Soholm, Denmark c1960s. I haven't identified the designer as yet, although it looks like an Einar Johansen form to me.

I love the rich and glossy iron saturated tenmoku style glaze, which gives the piece a lovely Japanese style aesthetic.

14 January 2016

Denby Burlington - Blue Variation

I was lucky enough to find this quite rare Denby part coffee set recently online. It a variation of the much coveted "Burlington" design by Denby Icon, Albert Colledge in 1958-59 when Albert was 68 years of age and had worked at Denby for 55 years. It is an unusual form for a coffee pot, and I think it looks better without the lid which sits quite loosely - more appropriate today as a water jug probably.

It was very contemporary design then, and I think it looks just as contemporary now.

Originally the design was glazed in a satin matt black and decorated with white, vertical broken lines. Soon after there was this turquoise blue variation. There is also a multi coloured pastel decor which I have shown previously on here, as well as an all green decor.

The forms in this series have such beautiful lines and proportions - and consisted of a variety of vessels including vases, bowls, planters, lidded jugs, coffee pots, coffee mugs and cruets.

Denby Burlington 

Denby Burlington 

Denby Burlington Coffee Set

10 January 2016

Figgjo Lotte Candle Holders

This delightful pair of candleholders was a pleasant auction find from late last year. Of course it is the Figgjo "Lotte" design by Turi Gramstad Oliver which you can read all about in a previous post HERE.

There was also a more squat or shorter version of this design about 9cm tall with just the floral motif.

These are approximately 13cm tall. The well at the top can accomodate a tea light style candle, or the 2cm aperture on the inside of the well holds a tapered dinner style candle which would have been the style prevalent in the 1960s when these were designed.

05 January 2016

Zaccagnini, Italy

A very bright piece of "bling" to start the New Year!

This piece is by Italian maker Zaccagnini, Florence, Italy c1960s.

There were a number of incarnations of the Zaccagnini company, and this large vase would have been made by "Urbano Zaccagnini Artistic Ceramics" which operated from 1958 to the mid 1960s.

The Zaccagnini name is very well known in the United States, but not so well known or seen here in Australia. The company is also well known for its collectable Disney characters which were made for Disney by "Zaccagnini SpA" from the 1930s.

Zaccagnini seems to have reached its peak in the 1940s and 1950s, and it is the beautifully designed pottery from that era which seems to be the most coveted (and thus expensive to buy) - you will often find beautiful works from this era by Zaccagnini on places like 1st Dibs, a selection of which can be viewed from HERE

There is also brief history of this important Italian maker on THIS website which also has images of many of the backstamps and cyphers used.