27 August 2014

Piotr Baro - Knabstrup Denmark

Piotr Baro 1924-1998 , arrived in Denmark in 1957 as a political refugee from Poland, and went on to become a well known illustrator and designer, and worked also as a teacher at Grafiske Højskole.  

As a designer, he is best known for imaginative and bold ceramic designs - usually wall plaques - produced at the Danish ceramics factory Knabstrup pottery. These designs really stand out from the crowd with their very stylised illustrations, often depicting animals or mythical creatures.

Most of the plaque designs you will come across are in striking black and white - but many of these designs were also produced in blue and white, although they are much harder to find.

The one above is a wall plaque I have, and the 2 below are from Maike's Danishmood Etsy store HERE

Baro also designed some fantastic coloured utilitarian and dinnerware at Knabstrup, but that is much harder to find.

This great looking example of a Baro dinnerware design I found in an online Danish retro store HERE

And another lovely design from Maike's Etsy store below:

Baro also designed a number of highly coloured ceramic plaques, but again these are very hard to find compared to the black and white designs. I managed to find 1 example on 1stDibs. below:

24 August 2014

Auction Watch 128

Nothing that I'm desperately after this week from local auctions......but of course there are always interesting and collectable things to be found...like the lovely Figgjo Lotte tureens in the first photo! A combination of restricted space for storage and a restricted budget will mean I have to choose carefully if I do buy :)

An Italian Vase - not sure the maker, but great colour.

A smart looking piece of precision engineered vintage
stainless steel in the form of a vase.

I like the boldness of this pattern - Royal Doulton "Helena"
Love the shape and colour of this Ice Blue bowl Strombergshyttan Sweden 1960's

B&G seagull pattern part dinner set

...and another part B&G dinner set

I like the design on this Adams (UK) dinner set.

...and yet another dinner set....this time from Royal Copenhagen....so many to choose from this week.

22 August 2014

Figgjo Anne Marie

I stumbled on a few pieces of the beautifully bold and joyful Figgjo "Annemarie" design this week. Its a pattern which is hard to get hold of, but at the same time very popular because of its colourful, strong and timeless design elements.

Kirsten Selmer Medgård designed the decor of Annemarie. It was produced between 1971 and 1977. The form designers were Jørg Lion Nilsen and Ragnar Grimsrud. 

Each piece is charming, but I love the look of the little sauce boat with its flower in the bottom.


21 August 2014

Rhonda Boehm - Vintage Barossa Valley Pottery

I found these 2 lovelies this week... Vintage Australian studio pottery by South Australian Rhonda Boehm - who I posted about previously HERE ...and someone I didn't know about until recently. These are most probably early to mid 1980s.

I'm attracted to the carved botanical designs on these quite large stoneware pieces, which work so well with both the natural colours of the clay, and the subtle musty pink oxide Rhonda used as a colourant. There is something of the Australian landscape in Rhonda's use of colour and pattern too I think.  

18 August 2014

A Thomas Germany Vase

This very impressive piece was an auction find from last week.. It is a very tall, torpedo shaped Thomas Germany vase....I love the simple design of the small circles which have the quality of a coloured pencil drawing, on the white ground.

This piece has the backstamp for 1959-1977.

Thomas Porcelain of this era has a such great aesthetic with its strong, clean forms and bold op-art style designs....see more about Thomas (now part of Rosenthal) in my previous post HERE


 Now on eBay HERE for those interested :)

17 August 2014

Auction Watch 127

A selection of the interesting vintage and retro ceramics coming up at 2 different auctions here in Adelaide this week....nothing in particular I'm after, but as usual quite a variety of interesting and intriguing items of which these images represent just a sample;

Great colours on this West German Vase

A British retro piece...I like the brushwork pattern
on the glaze. Quite a large piece too.

That's an interesting Genie bottle in the front.

Haven't seen any Lotte for ages...always lovely to find.

An interesting Doulton Lambeth (Stoneware) piece c 1920s

Rorstrand (Gratina?) casserole

Love the shape and design on the plate in this lot, and the Midwinter Domino
jug would be great if not for the chip!

Some Royal Copenhagen bling

Interesting shape and design of these retro ramekins

A fascinating metal toy, possibly folk art.