05 July 2015

Auction Watch 162

There isn't much in the way of quantity, but there are a few interesting pieces of vintage pottery in 2 auctions coming up here this week. I haven't come across Villeroy & Boch "Santiago" previously - I love the bold stripes and hues of the design -  which is on the same shape as "Acapulco" - of which there are also some pieces on offer:

Villeroy & Boch "Santiago"

The subtle tones in the glaze are lost a bit in this catalogue photo. A marvellous piece of
studio pottery by iconic 20th Century Australian potter Castle Harris 1893-1967,

..and some more lovely studio pieces by another accomplished 20th Century Australian potter
Reg Preston

Villeroy & Boch Acapulco

...like this 1970's Royal Doulton pattern.

...and a charming Royal Doulton trio "Apple Blossom"

28 June 2015

Auction Watch 161

Nothing that I will be buying this week, but I managed to find a few interesting bits and pieces coming up in 2 auctions here this week.

A very interesting and very modern looking (for the maker) Carlton Ware cruet set. Love the colour.
A good lot of Midwinter Stonehenge in the Sun colourway.

A full (if slightly worn/damaged) set of canisters from Gem pottery, (see my previous
posts on Gemma De Rider and the Carmelite Nuns in the 1970s in Adelaide)

This sets of acrylic canisters are still hugely popular at the moment.
Hotel Ware from a long gone but important Hotel here....this gear is always popular - partly because of its history
and logo - but also because it simply seems to last forever being made for commercial use.

A great looking planter trough from Newtone pottery Sydney c 1930s - such a great colour and shape.

25 June 2015

Arabia Soraya

I found this impressive Arabia Finland teapot on eBay recently. The design is "Soraya", by Gunvor Olin-Gronqvist, which was produced 1969-1972.

It has a Middle-Eastern feel to it in the subtle flourishes of the form, and the rich browns and ambers of the design. The motif also has that recognisable GOG flair about it too.

It is a little hard to capture the subtle richness and depth of the colours in a photograph as it is all quite a dark decor.

21 June 2015

Knabstrup Candle Holder

No auction watch this week again I'm afraid, because there is practically nothing worth a second look at public auctions here in Adelaide. The quantity and the quality of 20th Century Pottery popping up has been really abysmal this year to date.

So instead here is another of my few interesting finds this year - again a Knabstrup piece - in the form of a wall candle holder. This style of ceramic wall plaque candle holder seems to have been quite popular in Denmark/Europe during the 1960s.

07 June 2015

Auction Watch 160

It is a long weekend here this weekend, with a public holiday on Monday for the Queen's Birthday....so being a shorter week there isn't much at all on offer at auctions either side of this weekend.

In addition to that for the past month or so I haven't had much time to look at or attend auctions anyway, as I've been packing up years of accumulated pottery and other items and moving house which is now finally done! .....well part of it anyway....now I have to fine tune and reduce it all by about 70% to make it more manageable!  I guess that is how collecting evolves though - with time the more fine tuned and specific your tastes become, and collecting becomes a cycle of purchasing the best and discarding the rest.

In the process I have re-discovered many beautiful pieces of pottery I had completely forgotten about - so stay tuned :)

For now though, here are the few items that caught my eye in 2 auction catalogues for this week:

A huge West German Vase

Quite a nice group of Danish pottery

Described in the catalogue only as "Danish Pottery"- the bowl on the stand looks like one from
Soholm to me - although I don't think the iron stand would be original.

An interesting Susie Cooper design - a bit garish for me - but the "Kestrel" shape by Susie Cooper is my favourite
of all her form designs.

Noritake Progressions 'Palos Verde' part dinner set

20 May 2015

Knabstrup - Gunter Praschak Rooster Plaque

I purchased this striking Knabstrup stoneware plaque at auction a few weeks ago. It's creator was Günter Praschak - who's cypher you can see in the bottom right corner.

Born in Vienna in 1940 Praschak worked as a designer at Knabstrup 1964-1970, before returning to Austria as head of Ceramics at the Linz school of Art. His wife Waltraud Praschak-Thalhammer, a graphic designer and Artist also worked at Knabstrup, and the style of their designs are often very similar. You can see a collection of their works on the Danish Knabstrup Specialist website HERE

View other previous posts on Knabstrup by using the alphabetical site index on the left.

I have had one other plaque by Praschak that I know of which was on this site a few years ago - equally bold and beautiful :)