14 September 2014

Auction Watch 131

Here are some items I've spotted coming up in 2 auctions here this week....so I will see what is affordable for me. ...sometimes it is just so unpredictable to know what price things will go for. 1 buyer vs. 2 or 3 buyers bidding on the same object can make such huge difference!
On the topic of how far the $$ will go, now is a good time for U.S. buyers to purchase from my eBay store and get things at great prices, even with the cost of postage..... as the $AUD has fallen quite a bit in the past few months, and is predicted to settle around the high 80c to 90c  mark for the foreseeable future. Combined item postage of course makes things even more cost effective. 

A  great looking Carstens (Braemore) Vase

And I love the colours on this Italian 1970s vase.

These Murano vases are my favourite form...because they are so solid, they
rarely have any damage like many of the other shapes tend to.

A great little Royal Copenhagen (Nils) vase

Bing & Grondahl "Mexico" pieces ( 3 cracked pieces though)

Figgjo Coffee Pot
Vintage S/Steel Cutlery - in original boxes still!
Poole assorted items.
Love this old Cadburys wooden box
A lovely set of copper measures, with brass handles.  
TG Green, Cornishware Salt Box


11 September 2014

Aluminia "Hotelin" Design Plates

Along with the "Nucella" design plates I found last week, was a number of these pretty pale yellow and white plates from Aluminia (Royal Copenhagen).

They are from a series of dinnerware made by Aluminia for the food service industry, and called "Hotelin". Produced for really heavy duty use, and very tough like all hotel ware. I found out that they came in this yellow, pale blue and a pale caramel colour.

The series was in production from 1960-1973 - so you would think there are still quite a lot of them out there in Denmark,  but this is the first time I have come across them here.

10 September 2014

Bangholm Denmark, Ewer.

This lovely looking ewer or vase is by Bangholm, Denmark. I think the colour scheme so spot on, and compliments the shape so well. See 2 interesting posts I have done previously about this pottery HERE.

It was a kind gift from local "thrifter" Anastasia who had some lovely Arabia pieces I purchased a little while ago. Anastasia manages to find some fantastic things in the most unlikely of places. I thought thrifting here was pretty dead and totally over-corporatised, but changed my mind when I saw the amazing amount the Anastasia still manages to find, often at great prices.

09 September 2014

Soholm - Joseph Simon 1967 Design

This attractive and earthy stoneware vase or bottle came along with the Lovemose pieces in yesterday's post. It is a Soholm piece designed by Joseph Simon 1967, shape 3252. It seems to be from the same design series as the large bowl I have already, pictured below too.

I noticed also that Birgitte in Denmark, has a lovely lamp from the same series in here Etsy store HERE

07 September 2014

Lovemose Denmark x 2

Two unexpected finds today in an auction bay lot, where I was after a piece of Soholm pottery. They are 2 of the nicest pieces of Lovemose pottery I have seen in a long while.

The first one, a large flat bowl has what I can best described as an "ironstone" glaze which has the faint and delicate metallic copper glow to the edges of the relief pattern,  plus a fantastic looking "crawling" glaze.  Such a textural, and magic looking piece.

The second is this tall yellow ochre vase with a pattern that is unmistakably Lovemose.

Auction Watch 130

Just a selection of the vintage pottery goodies I've spotted coming up this week in 2 auctions here in Adelaide. Some fantastic looking West German vases - especially nos. 288 and 285 below!

Lovely looking pair of Italian vases

Above x 4 - what a fantastic selection of West German pieces.

This large piece really stands out. What an amazing pattern!
It is a décor I haven't seen before by Ditmar Urbach,
Czechoslovakia, c1930's......sadly though all around the base it is chipped badly. Such a pity.

A decent selection of Arabia ware.

Above and below......Figgjo is always so hard to resist!

Quite a charming studio piece.