20 May 2015

Knabstrup - Gunter Praschak Rooster Plaque

I purchased this striking Knabstrup stoneware plaque at auction a few weeks ago. It's creator was Günter Praschak - who's cypher you can see in the bottom right corner.

Born in Vienna in 1940 Praschak worked as a designer at Knabstrup 1964-1970, before returning to Austria as head of Ceramics at the Linz school of Art. His wife Waltraud Praschak-Thalhammer, a graphic designer and Artist also worked at Knabstrup, and the style of their designs are often very similar. You can see a collection of their works on the Danish Knabstrup Specialist website HERE

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I have had one other plaque by Praschak that I know of which was on this site a few years ago - equally bold and beautiful :)


10 May 2015

Auction Watch 159

An interesting variety of items coming up here this week at two auctions:

Fantastic retro flower power stoneware wall plaque -
West German by the look of it.

An original 1970s Bernard Rooke lamp...still with original shade

Great little group of a Kaiser Vase, San Marino Vase and the
black and white bowl.

A nice set of Arzberg coffee cups.

Great looking 1950s designs on these two pieces pictured.
1980s studio potter by Lincoln Kirby Bell.

A whole lot of TG Green Cornishware again....love this little lidded dish.

06 May 2015

Mystery Studio Piece - Denmark/Sweden

I bought this charming, high fired, lidded studio pottery vessel this week at auction. One of the few purchases I have made this year so far. The motif and design of it is just lovely, and it was obviously made by a competent and experience potter.

It was in a consignment of items from Denmark, so I presume it was made by someone there...or perhaps Sweden - does anyone recognise the style or signature at all ?

03 May 2015

Auction Watch 158

Last week there was next to nothing of interest coming up at auctions here...this week however, a lot more to choose from of which these are just some:

Amazing colours and textures on this West German floor vase

...and another lovely textured piece from Bay Keramik, Germany
Another huge Bay Keramik floor vase, West Germany.

A bit difficult to see in the photo, but the base of this
Italian lamp is such a great shade of pink, with some lovely
jewel like flecks in the textured area of glaze. Looks like
a piece by Fratelli Fanciullacci 

Amber Genie Bottle.

A charming piece of Australian Studio pottery, Attributed to
Florenz Studio.

An impressive Sklo union vase.

A very neat piece of Bitossi.

Great little studio pottery piece, origin unknown.

Susie Cooper setting in the Kestrel shape, with a lovely design to match.

And below some more of the Susie Cooper pieces on offer:


18 April 2015

Auction Watch 157

A quiet week coming up again by the look of it, with not much to choose from. A selection of things that caught my attention from 2 auction catalogues here:

Love the bold black and white floral design on this 1960s Carlton Ware Salt and Pepper -
reminds me of a Florence Broadhurst design.

Interesting lidded Bitossi Bowl

A charming (but damaged) original Clarice Cliff cup and saucer
Great designs on this set of 4 old tins.

Another Bitossi piece (newer release)

An interesting looking German coffee set in red and white.

Im not sure of the maker here, but a what a wonderfully elaborate Celtic design on this large plate

17 April 2015

Web Watch 3 - The "Rameking"

As the site name "Rameking" might suggest, this excellent Australian site is all about that mid-century icon, the ramekin - ( primarily a one handled ceramic dish used for baking and or serving of food).

The focus of the site is on the Australian Studio Art Ramekin, with international makers occasionally. Each entry is thoroughly and accurately researched, and always such an informative read. Make sure you also read the right hand side bar entries on the Origin of the Australian Art Studio Ramekin" and "Modern Ramekins".

There are also many gems to be found in the comments sections, where readers sometimes contact the site to provide some fantastic incidental and historical background information.

Check out the ever growing repository of information on the "Rameking" HERE

Above/Below: "Isobel" Ramekins - Australia 1960s - my own collection