02 October 2014

Pearse's Pottery Yankalilla, South Australia.

I often come across studio pottery in similar designs to the one pictured below. Curiously not at auctions, but in second hand stores. I really like the use of pattern, leaf motifs and the forms of these pieces - they remind me a bit of Italian or Portuguese Majolica.

Turns out this pottery is from a regional pottery located on the Fleurieu Peninsula here in South Australia. The pieces with these designs appear to be from the 1980s or 90s.

The following bio is from Judiths Australian Pottery site HERE

Mark Pearse (1941- ) was born in Adelaide. He studied at the National Gallery of Victoria Art School, graduating in 1962 and continued his training in London and Rome through a travelling scholarship awarded in the same year. Since 1966, he has been a practicing potter, painter and sculptor, as well as teaching art at St Peter's College Preparatory School in Adelaide from 1969-75. In 1974, he and his wife Jill set up Pearse's Pottery in Uraidla in the Adelaide hills. In 1979, they bought a historic property, “Bungala”, in Yankalilla on the Fleurieu Peninsula and relocated the pottery there. Ceramic work made in partnership with Jill is impressed 'Pearce's Pottery Uraidla' or 'Pearce's Pottery Yankalilla'.

I also found this great little promo video on YouTube from Pearse's Pottery.....They produce some fantastic sculptures by the look of it too.

30 September 2014

Bertoncello Italy

In the last post - Auction Watch 133 - you might have noticed the very stylish and space age looking piece in the first image. I didn't manage to purchase it though as the price went too high :(

It turns out to be from a maker I haven't come across before except in books. Bertoncello, Italy. (At first I thought the piece at auction was possibly West German because of the glaze style and numbers on the base - apparently a common mistake)

Bertoncello was founded in 1956 in Schiavon, Vicenza, Italy, and reached its height of success in the 1970s. Not a great deal is known about the company because all its catalogues and archives were destroyed when the company closed in 1999.

The shapes made by Bertoncello are often very architectural, sculptural and monumental in nature; many with rounded edges, hollows and strong curves. Very reminiscent of the British sculptor Henry Moore.

The pieces were all formed in moulds, and the mottled brown glaze seen on many of the pieces is one of the trademarks of Bertoncello pottery.

You can read more about Bertoncello in a chapter in Mark Hill's book "Alla Moda" where I gleaned this information from. There are some fantastic images of Bertoncello pottery on Flickr - but I find Flickr now practically impossible to use for sharing images.

Here are a few from Etsy I found though:

This amazing looking "Chimney" vase was in the shop "Vintage2Remember" on Etsy

Via Modern Space Design - Etsy

Via Retro Mungo, Etsy

Via Retro Mungo, Etsy

Later in production during the 1970s and 1980s very bright glazes were also used on forms, including the fantastic looking pieces below.

Above and below: Bertoncello pieces Via After Glow Retro on Etsy

28 September 2014

Auction Watch 133

Here are some of the items which I've spotted coming up in 2 auctions here this coming week...not a huge amount to choose from, but some great pieces.

What a fantastic, space age Italian Vase/Jug

A smiling Wembley Ware lustre Fish (Australia)

This Lapid vase has the most beautiful soft grey tonings,
it is also HUGE. The largest piece of Lapid I have seen -
A true "floor" vase.

Purple bubble lamp. I remember these from the 1970s!

A couple of good, small Danish pieces.

I haven't seen any Royal Copenhagen with this design for ages.....one of my favourite patterns.

Royal Copenhagen rectangular vase with a design by Kari Christensen in a design
I haven't come across before.  

Gorgeous Figgjo Salt and Peppers.

22 September 2014

A collection of Dybdahl Denmark Tiles

These images were sent to me by Belinda in Denmark, who came across this amazing and rare set of Dybdahl tiles last year.

They are all painted and signed by Margrethe Dybdahl, and measure about 8 x 5cm...all made to hang on a wall individually, or as a group.

I'm guessing that these are only a portion of the tiles Margrethe painted....so if any of you ever come across some I would love to see a photo, to get a better idea of how man different designs were created.

Dybdahl tiles occasionally appear online for sale, but they get snapped up pretty quickly.

 Looking around, I also found this interesting Bird tile by Margrethe on Etsy HERE (sold item)

20 September 2014

Auction Watch 132

Not so much to choose from this week, after a few weeks of so much choice!  Here are some things that took my eye though from 2 auctions here in Adelaide this week:

A HUGE West German vase - I have a smaller version of this
one on eBay currently.... Big vases like this can be
harder to sell though.

...and each side of the WG Vase, 2 equally large
Bitossi Lamps in Orange and Yellow.

2 x Wiinblad pieces

Great colour on this vintage mixer by Sunbeam.

An interesting Clarice Cliff Vase

A set of British "Piquot Ware"

Some Arabia "Ruska" - always a hot item.

Fantastic vintage shop display

A very attractive antique Cloisonné vase

Probably not that old...but so cute!  Royal Crown Derby figurine of a Buffalo.

18 September 2014

A Modernist Italian Wall Plaque

I found this beauty, with its striking modernist design 2 weeks ago, at auction. It is marked "Italy" 0110 to the back, and has the importers label - but other than that it has been a bit hard to identify. Its design though is unmistakably from the Modernist era 1950s-1960s, and it is designed to be used either as a rectangular dish or a wall plaque.

The closest I have come to identifying it, is that it is most possibly a San Marino piece, and similar in style to one by Carlo Ricci in Mark Hill's book "Alla Moda" on p183. ( essential reference book if you are into mid-century Italian ceramics).

I wouldn't mind stumbling across a few more like this!