August 7, 2010

West German Vases.

West German Vases from the 1950's-1970's are very popular, and still reasonably easy to collect, and not that expensive. They appeal to both beginner collectors, and seasoned collectors. If you are a beginner collector they are a great way to start - because of their price, toughness (it is rare to find a cracked or damaged one) and they are easily sold or traded.
My favourites are the textured pieces from BAY KERAMIC and the LAVA glazes, especially in red. There is a huge range of sizes as well - from bud vases to huge floor vases. The largest ones that I have had are about 40cm in height, and the smallest are the pictured bud vases - about 4 -5 cm tall.

I came across this video on YouTube and found it very useful for identifying some of the pieces, and what the numbers on the bases of the pieces mean.

These images are of West German Vases that I have had and sold, and some that are still for sale in my store. My favourite is the last one, which was a BAY KERAMIC vase with a beautiful textured pattern and a wonderful modernist shape.
If there are any collectors or specialists of West German Vases reading this blog,  I would love to hear from you....and perhaps even do a guest blog post.

This website is well worth a visit as well - the background information is very good and puts the making of these vases into an historical context. The images of the collection are just amazing as well - so many pieces there I would love to get hold of.

There is also a very good FACEBOOK Page called West German Pottery - just type it in the search box and it will come up. Also well worth joining.


  1. If you are interested in seeing more West German Pottery have a look here
    thats my Blog.
    And I recommend this forum
    It's really worth a look.

  2. I am the Author: From Spritzdecor to Fat Lava Volumes 1 & 2; West & East German Pottery Marks Form Numbers and Decors Volumes 1, 2 & 3;

    Founder of the free to join pottery and glass forum

    This forum has 4 Authors on the subject of West German Pottery. It is free to join...

    Happy New Year Kevin Graham

  3. Thanks Kevin, its a great forum you have there. I must look up your books too.

  4. I'll jump on the bandwagon and do a bit of self promotion too! I have a blog where I ramble on about my retro and vintage stuff, in particular West German pottery. I really do recommend the two links above - Kevin is a legend and the forum is amazing! Highly recommend it! Emma