October 21, 2010

Soholm Stentoj - Bornholm - Denmark

Søholm was the oldest ceramic factory on Bornholm until its closure in 1996. Sometimes you will see Soholm Stentoj (which just means Stoneware as all of the Soholm pottery is stoneware). Surprisingly for its size and popularity, I haven’t been able to yet find a book on Soholm pottery. There are snippets on the Internet and in magazines, but I haven't come across a book just on the history of Soholm Pottery. So I will share what I do know.

Soholm Pottery was founded by Herman Sonne Wolffsen and Edvard Christian Sonne in 1835, but from 1841 Wolffsen took over solo. In the beginning Soholm works consisted mainly of domestic fajance ware.

Today Soholm stoneware design is a big collector's item for retro and art pottery collectors. The range of ware they produced in the mid 20th Century was huge, and I keep finding more and more different patterns and designs. The one below is my favourite (so far!) designed by the iconic Einar Johansen.

Amongst collectors currently, Soholm is probably most well known for "blue series" designed again by Einar Johansen, (the first image below) and the highly coveted “double spiral” design and also the similar but paler blue range by Maria Philippi with its distinctive "Hares tooth" pattern (the following 3 images).

Soholm pottery is also very well known and collected for its unglazed and semi glazed stoneware pieces, with wonderful textural elements and subtle patterned areas. No marks were used on the pottery in the beginning.

From 1910 the backstamp was a crown and a ship, however, most items were only marked 'Soholm'. Some items were marked 'H. Wolffsen & Son' in the early part of the century.

A lot of the pieces you will find from the mid twentieth century are simply hand-signed, sometimes just with the words “Soholm”, Stentoj, Denmark.

Many are stamped with this logo, and if you are lucky enough you might find some with a sticker still.

A variety of different ceramic artists worked at Soholm including:
  • Hans Ancher Wolffsen 
  • Noomi Backhausen
  • Henning Seidelin
  • Maria Phillippi
  • Einar Johansen (worked at Soholm 1958-1966)
  • Johannes Hedegaard
  • Nana Ditzel
  • Haico Nitzsche
  • Per Rehfeldt
They also had many visiting Artists from time to time. Finally, just yesterday I found a Danish Website run by a collector who is selling off a huge collection, and I saw this photograph on her website. One of the nicest Soholm designs Ive seen to date. I'm not sure if the Website is still current but worth having a look at anyway here. I will do a post in a few weeks just on SOHOLM WALL PLAQUES, as that is another area of interest currently.


  1. You can check out ceramics and design made by Per Rehfeldt at: http://www.rehfeldt.dk

  2. I was able to purchase a historical book about Soholm pottery from the Bornholm museum a few years ago. I believe they still have it listed on their web-site.

  3. thanks Mel, I must check it out.

    Per - I dont know how I missed your comment before..You are doing some lovely work. I'm going to put some up on my Pinterest boards and will have a look at some of the designs you did a Soholm too. Ray.

  4. hi i recently found a cup and a sugar cup the says Soholm Denmark stentoj in the bottom with the dates 1827 and 1633 can they be real?

    1. Hi Freddy, they are shape and pattern numbers not dates. Cheers, Ray.

  5. Hi, I will be very interested to read your wall plaques post as I have one that my dad gave me yesterday (he is Danish) which he received as a gift more than 30 years ago from my grandparents. It has the logo stamp and a serial number.

    1. Thats Lovely Debbie, (the number indicates the design number or shape number). Soholm made some of the loveliest plaques - they are scattered through the blog ...just search under "wall plaques" in the column to the left. :)

  6. Hi Guys

    I found this extremely rare early 19th century stoneware beaker with a frieze of Relief molded Viking Galleons encircling the exterior. It is impressed with SOHOLM and the pattern number of 515 which dates it to between 1840 and 1845. A very early are exceptionally rare pice which I love coming from a Nautical background. I dont know how to attach images so if you want to see this piece, contact me via salesandsupport@italiandecor-glasslights.com and I will be more than happy to send them

    Regards. Dean