January 10, 2011

Wade Porcelain

There are two types of WADE Pottery – Irish and English and you will find a large amount of information about it on the web. The best web-sites for further information seem to be:
Irish wade pottery was started in 1946 when it was called Wade Ulster, and changed its name to Wade Ireland in 1971. Wade Ireland pottery is usually stamped 'Irish Porcelain Made in Ireland' with a picture of a shamrock, but there are also other markings including Celtic Porcelain by Wade, Ireland, Irish Porcelain, Co. Armagh, Shamrock Pottery, Made in Ireland, Made in Ireland by Wade.

Among the most popular pieces of Wade Ireland collected are their tankards and steins, but I love the small items like the bud vases, sugar bowl, mugs, urns etc. I also love the Wade Ireland pieces for their beautiful glazes with earthy mottled caramel/brown and blue/grey/green tones. No two pieces are exactly the same due to variations in the glazes and firings.

The first set of images are all from my cupboards of Irish Wade Porcelain:

 Wade Ireland Sugar Bowl - My oldest piece c 1960

 Great little salt and pepper shakers

 Nice little salt bowl

 The painting on this coffee mug is just exquisite

 Another great bud vase

 One of the tall "Steins"

 I presume this 3 legged piece is a Witches Cauldron

 A lovely shaped Urn Vase

One of the most common Irish Backstamps from Wade

Wade England began as far back as 1810 as a producer of parts for the spinning and weaving industry. The second era began with Sir George Wade (1891-1986) who changed the company into modern producer of industrial, electrical and decorative ceramics.He was also the inventor of the widely collected Wade “Whimsey”. The wade Whimsey is a small, sold press moulded animal – easily produced and relatively inexpensive - and still made and hugely popular today.

Wade England pottery is often just stamped “Made in England” or Wade, Made in England. The two images below are both Wade, Made in England...both very cute. The first (two fishes) I use as soy sauce dishes for Sushi, and the Cairn Whimsey I bought because I have Cairn Terriers!

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  1. Love the little bud vase, and the terrier (of course:)