March 7, 2011

Marianne Johnson - Alumina Royal Copenhagen

I picked up these two beautifully decorative, bright and colourful pieces of Alumina - Royal Copenhagen Faience Ware at a Danish Auction a few days ago.  First is a lovely lidded bottle (with cork and china top) which appears never to have been used. Second is wonderful tab handled bowl - again with stunning decoration and a lovely raised texture which reminds me of pineapples. They are both from the early 1960's.

The patterns designed by Marianne Johnson are so beautifully complex and decorative - up there with the very best of Scandinavian designs. Often she used mirror image repeat patterns, and  frequently used butterfly and bird motifs.

 See some of her other pieces I previously posted HERE


  1. They're beautiful. I think I'm doing the wrong thing ... I could deal in pottery all day everyday.

  2. :) I am constantly amazed by the beauty of Danish Ceramics especially, and continually surprised to find patterns or designs I've never seen before.