April 7, 2011

Bjorn Wiinblad - Rosenthal pieces

I've had these pieces of Bjorn Wiinblad since I first started collecting his work a long time ago, and before I discovered the whole breadth of Scandinavian Ceramics. These pieces are from his work with Rosenthal, Germany for the "Studio Line" or "Studio Linie"

The work he did for this series was much more intricate, detailed and often  "glitzy" compared with his "Bread and Butter work" as he called it for Nymolle. These pieces have been very difficult to photograph because of the plain white and gold being the only colours, which tends to confuse the camera a bit, but anyway you should get an idea of their intricate detail and beauty.

I think the photos of the gold pieces show Wiinblad's wonderful drawing style at its best - beautifully intricate and full of charm and grace. They are quite small pieces - about the size of a saucer. The backtsamp is from the round dish. The final photograph is a plain but beautiful piece of "blanc-de-chine" - plain white porcelain with a superbly carved relief pattern of one of Bjorn's lovely ladies. I have also seen this piece in black - which is even more stunning - they would make a great pair put together.

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  1. I have never seen all-gold Wiinblad.

    I just love his work, especially his posters. I keep giving my mother little Wiinblad pieces here and there, but I don't own any!!

    There is a pair of avid collectors in Toowoomba, from memory. They have a great stash of his stuff.

  2. Thanks for your comment. These are the only plain gold or plain white pieces I've ever seen too. He often used gold in the highly coloured studio linie pieces. I would love one of his original posters... I havent come across any in good condition though.

  3. are you interessted to buy Björn Winblad white things? I shall sell, live in sweden...

    1. thanks for the interest...I am in Australia though, so postage would cost too much, Regards, Ray