December 14, 2011

Marie & Ulla Hjorth, & Malene Roge

I have had this stoneware pouring bowl for about 2 years, not knowing who made it. I could see it was Danish, and had what looked like a Hjorth name on the bottom, plus another signature, but that was all I knew.

Quite by accident the other day when looking for something else I found a very similar signature, and my piece seems to be from the time Marie Hjorth and her sister Ulla Hjorth who took over the running of the L.Hjorth Pottery on Bornholm in 1982 until its closure, after the death of their father Erik. (although it could be earlier)

Thanks Karen to finding the potter, who was Malene Roge at L.Hjorth, from the same website that I was looking at,  but couldn't see the wood for the trees!

Marie and Ulla Hjorth continued to work with Studio pottery as well as tableware after the closure of Hjorth Pottery. I found some of Marie Hjorth's work on THIS site, where the two images below are from:

You can also find a number of examples of Marie and Ulla's work on the Danish Art Pottery site HERE where the following two examples of Ulla's work are from:


  1. You were so close Ray :-)
    The lady who made the bowl is called Malene Røge.
    There is a lidded jar by her on another page of the website you had already found:
    Best regards

  2. Ahhh. thank you again Karen, I'd better edit the post :) . I was looking at the name thinking Marlene, but didnt occur to me to look up the name Malene. Doh. Ray.

  3. Beautifully earthy pieces, they seem somehow to be more directly connected to their source material than perhaps other types of ceramic. Wonderful.

  4. Thanks John, I agree totally. I always identify with this type of ceramic, it connects with the artistic, creative and spiritual in a way no other ceramic can.