March 10, 2012

Auction Watch 9.2012

The weeks are flying by this year....already up to Auction Watch No.9 - The usual eclectic mix of Vintage and Retro items this week, and a few bargains to be had if there aren't many bidders - which there may not be - as it is a long weekend here with a public holiday on Monday - ( meaning too many auctions happening on Tuesday to keep up with)

Here are a few of my "maybe"s anyway:

The first time I have come across an Acapulco Saucepan - and it is HUGE -
about 8 Litres (but very stained on the inside sadly)

Quite a nice small seleciton of Copenhagen Fajance.

A few nice pieces of Soholm and Michael Andersen in this mixed lot
(along with some junk!)

A group of enamelled ware, including Catherineholm - but I have yet
to find any enamelware in what I would call good condition.

Love this studio pottery cookie jar

Bjorn Wiinblad "Winter" Nymolle - the largest size

There are about 6 of these green Apocathery bottles - but I never understand
why they are quite so expensive!

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