December 22, 2012

Johnson , Sunshine, & Happy Christmas

What I think is a simply perfect retro vintage design for my last post for this year, which manages to capture some of the best pattern elements of the 1970's. This small dinner set was one of my last purchases at auction this year.

It is from Johnson Australia, and would have to be early 1970s going by that design. One of the better ones from Johnson I have ever come across - (pity about the mission brown cereal bowls though!) .  I love the way the motif is inside the cup as well, so the sun rises as you drink your tea or coffee :)

UPDATE: 03.04.13

I have found out that this design was by Jessie Tait, and called Inca - limited edition - orignally produced on a a JG Meakin range 1970 by Jessie Tait

The Sun was such a frequent motif in both music and design in the 1970's - as a symbol of optimism, hope, happiness and renewal -  and to finish off here is a music classic that came to mind the minute I spotted this set.

Have a Happy Christmas + New Year + Happy Holidays wherever you are, and may the Sun shine on you.

A huge thank you to everyone who follows and contributes information to this blog and makes it all worthwhile. In the first half of next year the blog clock will turn over 500,000 views! - that's so rewarding.

See you in the second week of January 2013.


  1. Very appropriate for a Southern Hemisphere Midsummer post. Nice motif on that rib-edged form, which I've been finding produced by lots of different manufacturers initially in plain white I think, and then updated with patterns, not all of them as successful as this one. Here Comes the Sun - yes that was a backing track to my childhood. Happy Christmas Ray and all the best for the year ahead.

  2. Your warm sunny pottery and thoughts are welcome here in frozen Wisconsin. Merry Christmas to you!

    1. Thanks for that - its hard for me to imagine every hading a cold or snowy Christmas. The weather here is usually beautiful at Christmas, around 26c today - warm, relaxing, and lots of fresh seafood :) . The last really nice weather usually as summer heats up after this until mid March at least.


    Happy New Year.